It all started when...

I grew up in the Netherlands. At the age of 31, my family and I emigrated to New Zealand in 1984. We started a horticulture business, growing tomatoes and cucumbers for the local market and berry fruit for export to America.

I love music and played the clarinet and saxophone in a church band, in the mean time we toured around with our camper in the spare time we had between the crops and discovered New Zealand.
We designed and built our own house.

In 2002 we moved back to Holland to plant a church and via one of the church members I came into contact with guitar building, which I straight away fell in love with.

I always liked to work with my hands and had a love for music, this combined with the lovely timbers there are in New Zealand , I decided to specialize in guitars made from NZ woods.
During my last visit to New Zealand I renewed my contact with the son (John Woolford) and his friend (Mike Esson) of orchard owner Harold Woolford, Newstead Orchard, Hamilton, whom I supplied with tomatoes and berry fruit for 16 years. Mike has a sawmill and procurers for me every kind of NZ and Australian timber I fancy.

For a sample of available timbers have a look at

I also came into contact with Graeme Thatcher, violin maker from NZ ( and he has a long experience with NZ timbers, especially with New Zealand native mangeao and told me some of the secrets of Stradivarius and Guarneri.

I also build also with traditional timbers like Rosewood, Koa, Maple, and all the Spruces, but my heart goes out to Ancient Kauri for the back and sides. Ancient kauri varies widely from piece to piece and not all is suitable for instrument making. All my stock has been hand selected and have a nice supply of boards.
My supply of Ancient Kauri comes from the producer itself, have a look at